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About Us

Games with Hope

We are a newly founded Game Studio based in Berlin.

We want to create games for different platforms, starting with Mobile games and then moving to consoles and PC Videogames.

Kibou Games mission is to create player-centric games that put the community always first.


Our Projects

We create Games for Mobile, Console, and Pc!

Image by Kirill Sharkovski

Unannounced Project

Will be announced at the end of 2020


Meet the Founder

The Faces Behind Kibou Games


Juan Pablo Amador Steinbach

Founder - CEO - Game Designer

After studying Architecture in Bolivia, I studied Game Design at the School For Games S4G Gmbh. in Berlin.

After my studies, I directly started working for Kolibri Games, one of the fastest-growing Game Companies in Germany and took care of Game Design.

After that, I moved to Yager GmbH. which is also in Berlin where I  do Game Design with more focus on Meta and Economy Design. 

Now I am following my dreams of making my own games taking care of the Creative Vision, Game Design, and the whole Company aspect.